Studio Flow. 🙏 .
Awwwww CUH!
Hi. Say it back. #HappyFriday
Prob lookin at the next thing I was ready to terrorize …moms said I was so bad at this age …and I know bc I remember 😁😂😂
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I ain’t gon say no names … @gassedup_virtuouswon 😂😂😂
Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for allowing me to add one more year to my life. Words cannot express how grateful I am. I also thank you for great health, great friends, loyal family and the opportunities you have provided for me. To simply breathe and walk this earth is an everyday blessing. I’m not even supposed to be here they said, but u had different plans! Again THANK YOU 🙏👆

I love you!

P.s. I’m old! 😂😂😂 #Happybirthdaytome #bdotohyesss #september26 #itsmybirthday
Happy Birthday to my Shawty Lo. Been A1 since day 1 and I love you for that. I don’t need to say too much bc u know what it is Shawty! Enjoy your day beautiful 😍😍😘😘 #webeenthugginsincedollahandollars #BM #shawtylo #happybirthday #cake #asianpersuasion #lingling CALLAT FULL RECEPTIIION 😂😂😂 @gassedup_virtuouswon